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Here, for example, are two versions of postcards made from the same original black-and-white negative that were colorized differently. In anticipation of supply restrictions, vendors and wholesalers placed large orders with foreign suppliers, which soon resulted in a glut of postcards and falling prices.

During the First World War between 19, the importation of postcards from Germany and Austria came to a virtual halt.(7) As the supply of imported postcards eventually dwindled, American printers tried to serve the domestic market, but with less sophisticated methods of printing color-tinted photographs, the quality of these cards rarely matched that of the imports.

AZO RPPC stock from other periods have other symbols, such as squares or diamonds.(4) An example of a divided-back AZO real photo postcard manufactured between 19 is shown below.

Already in full swing elsewhere in the world, the postcard craze swept across America during the first decade of the twentieth century.

Best Buy shares, for example, have zoomed nearly 250 percent higher this year.

Hewlett-Packard, the worst performer in the Dow Jones industrial average in 2012, has nearly doubled this year.

But postcards were not only being used for routine correspondence, they also were being collected as souvenirs and offered as gifts.

Wall Street is a sucker for a good comeback story, and it got plenty of them in 2013.

The five companies below have struggled for years to turn around their operations and, for whatever reason, have failed to get themselves back on the right track.

We're not predicting that they will go out of business tomorrow, or anytime soon. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Martha Stewart's media empire has been circling the drain for years as the diva of domesticity's popularity fades.

These white border postcards dominated the American market into the 1930s. Note the slight vertical misalignment of the red ink layer at the top of the left chimney.

As the twentieth century progressed, Americans' reliance on postcards for informal communication gradually faded, especially as the number of telephones increased dramatically.(8) As many of early twentieth-century postcards were produced from photographs of local scenes, these images have left us a rich legacy that documented the character of places in remarkable detail during this period.

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A third type of postcard, introduced in the late 1890s, is known as a real photo postcard (RPPC).

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