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develop a cause that can support her without preaching and promote her secular career, while ending her marriage,” Weeks wrote. If you are a follower of Tommy or Juanita and you still believe they have any credibility to evangelize the Gospel, then you need to lay before the Lord in prayer.As a reminder, here are a few qualifications for church leadership: using Juanita and Tommy…by exposing them as false teachers and making it even more evident that they don’t represent Him.

Juanita Bynum is a false prophet (or prophetess), primarily because: There’s more but I’ll stop here.It seems as though not enough of you ladies are clamoring to be Bishop Thomas W.Weeks III has resurrected his new reality show — and this time he wants to search for a God-fearing wife on network TV instead of the Internet.They profess to know Him, yet act in entirely contradictory ways.Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ that these two vipers are becoming more and more transparent every day. I railed on Juanita’s soon to be former husband last month, so, in fairness, I’ve got to hold the microscope up to her as well.

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