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Wednesday, December 18 – Gives ‘partial house tour’ with four photos; posts photos of feet cluttered desk, Compassion letter, S in the snow, MSC writing letters to Compassion kids, bowl of eggs.

Thursday, December 19 – Posts photos of L in the snow, Israel sleeping on couch with pets, DIY hair cutting.

Friday, December 27 – Links to Xyngular team member’s success story; posts photo of child’s drawing.

Saturday, December 28 – Eagerly awaits UFC matches; posts photos of S in kitchen, tea, breakfast, L in bed, laundry area, sponsored child, library visit, fox pelt, MSC reading x 2, sledding, playing in the snow, front door, entryway with stockings.

In addition to owing a local hospital ,996.24 (suit filed 9/30/2013) and being sued by her mother-in-law for ,683.54 (suit filed 11/12/2013), Jennifer Mc Kinney is now being sued by a local window covering company for non payment of her newly installed blinds.

Tuesday, December 24 – Comments about the weather, tells others not to complain about the temperature; asks for board game recommendations to play with adults; posts photos of temperature readings, living room, M as an angel, Christmas Eve dinner with sister’s family, Israel with Roobii.

Then on November 23, 2013 the deed holders of the property, the Arndt’s, quit claimed the property to Jennifer, and then Jennifer quit claimed the property to herself and Israel.

Following that Jennifer and Israel signed a 30 year adjustable rate mortgage in the amount of 8,750.00 with a starting interest rate of 11.50%.

The initial interest rate is set until December 2018, at which time it may be adjusted as high as 13.50% but no lower than 11.50% The interest rate cap on the ARM is 17.50%.

On December 2, 2013 the mortgage on the Arndt’s property (now Mc Kinney’s) was recorded as satisfied in full.

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