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The report says the victim drove down the road where another person called police for him.He was taken to the hospital with several cuts to his face, swelling and bruising.White officials offered Lee protection on the condition he end his voter registration efforts, but Lee refused and was murdered.Lamar Smith was shot dead on the courthouse lawn by a white man in broad daylight while dozens of people watched.

John Earl Reese, 16, was dancing in a café when white men fired shots into the windows. The shootings were part of an attempt by whites to terrorize blacks into giving up plans for a new school.

Herbert Lee, who worked with civil rights leader Bob Moses to help register black voters, was killed by a state legislator who claimed self-defense and was never arrested.

Louis Allen, a black man who witnessed the murder, was later also killed. Roman Ducksworth Jr., a military police officer stationed in Maryland, was on leave to visit his sick wife when he was ordered off a bus by a police officer and shot dead.

The police officer may have mistaken Ducksworth for a “freedom rider” who was testing bus desegregation laws.

Paul Guihard, a reporter for a French news service, was killed by gunfire from a white mob during protests over the admission of James Meredith to the University of Mississippi.

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