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We did survive though so I have put together my photo guide on everything you need to know including where to find maps, souvenirs to buy, opening hours, shopping etiquette, getting there & how to bargain like a pro so you come away with some awesome and cheap souvenirs!Well, it would be quicker to list what is not for sale because there are millions of weird, wonderful and normal things to buy.Locals shop in the market as well, so you can find some household goods. A gas mask if you know something the rest of us don’t! Food and drink from this bloke if he stops daydreaming and washes his hands first!A belly dancing outfit to spice up life in the bedroom… If silver is not your thing, buy bucket loads of gold! The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is the lion’s den and you are the prey.If you are staying in the Sultan Ahmet, Beyoglu, Fatih, Eminonu or Taksim districts, it is within walking distance.Use Google maps to input the location of your hotel, the Grand Bazaar and it will give you the perfect route!

This blog is my writing portfolio and journal about life in Turkey. Well, by now, you should realize what I am trying to say. Women : If it is that time of the month when PMT is rearing its ugly head, I suggest staying away until your hormones return to normal.After all, there are only so many times you can hear before deciding to batter the salesman around the head with his lovely Turkish carpets. Just join in with the banter and you can end up having quite a laugh. One asked for a kiss so I told him my husband was around the corner.(Read more about him and the tour here) The second experience is the Jewellery workshop held in a traditional and ancient han of the Grand Bazaar.A silver/goldsmith demonstrates the art of making traditional Turkish jewellery before letting you take the reins to make your very own souvenirs instead of buying them. I'm Natalie Sayin, a freelance travel blogger and writer specializing in the country of Turkey.

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