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Dec 27, PM EST Probst Volunteers at Maine Soup Kitchen PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- "Survivor" host Jeff Probst and his girlfriend, former contestant Julie Berry, served Christmas dinner at a soup kitchen and were spotted the following day shopping at a Target store.

Probst said the experience of volunteering to serve meals at the Wayside Soup Kitchen was a chance to bring some perspective to the "frantic" holiday season.

I mean, it was a bunch of leftover crappy stuff that was just smushed in the bottom of my bag.

It's not like I was hoarding some freshly sealed bag that no one had seen.

Rob asks Julie is she will ever go back and play Survivor, but Julie reveals that she is no longer eligible to play in the game.

Julie says that while dating Jeff Probst, she saw too much of the behind the scenes production and now can never be on the show again.

You actually do begin to bond on a real human level.on Wednesday's episode, after much misery and a #Trail Mix Scandal to boot. Julie: There was a lot that wasn't seen last night. Julie: That's kind of where I lost my head in the game. And when you have all the couples out there really, really, really loving each other, that made it that much more difficult. But it was the cold and getting soaked to the bone. Were you trying to will him to keep his mouth shut? "I feel for the people that I left behind that I felt I could have helped, or they could have helped me. I have to say — and a lot of people will never understand this, and they're going to give me s--- no matter what — but I really proved to myself what I could do out there." Read our full Q&A with Julie to find out what really went down with that trail mix and how John reacted to her quitting. Julie: It was kind of a nail-biter for me, watching all this unfold and just waiting for all of the responses. It's impossible for the masses to understand what was going down and what really happened. Is there anything that you'd like viewers to know that wasn't shown in the episode? You came close when you guys had to weather that storm without the tarp. And I really didn't have anybody that I could fully trust. It wasn't like, 'Ugh, I'm just gonna lose myself because I can't brush my teeth.' All of that I didn't worry about. Was it difficult for you to see him get into the argument with Natalie? That's a pansy move right there, and that was not the case. From what it looked like, and especially watching it back, I thought I was in alliances. At least you recognized that Missy was playing you. "It's a chance to remember how fortunate you are," he said Tuesday., the first marriage we had was during a live finale," Probst agreed.

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