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(Also every time the words mock, duck, or cooking disaster are heard.) The worst part is that as we didnt manage to finish it (or even really start it), my housemates at the time also got to try some, and it is the only bit of my cooking they ever tasted.

I need to go back to get some more food from there, so I will post a picture when I get some more.I loved it just baked on an open tray in the oven for twenty minutes or so to crisp it up and then served it with steamed chinese pancakes, plum sauce cucumber and spring onion.It was an occasional treat in our house usually followed by a simple bowl of spiced veg and noodles.This is a list of current members of the royal family: The Maha Uparat (มหาอุปราช) or the Krom Phrarajawang Bavorn Sathan Mongkol (Vice or Second King of Siam) (กรมพระราชวังบวรสถานมงคล) was an office that was bestowed on the highest ranking prince, frequently the monarch's younger brother or son.Until 1885 every Chakri monarch had appointed a prince to this office.

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