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The next weekend, he sent me a load of drunk texts asking why I didn’t like him and why I led him on.

Awkward.” –Kate, 28, London “I was 45 minutes late to a first date because a kid literally got murdered for his bike along the bus route I was on.

When we first met up, everything seemed fine—he was outfitted as a hipster and even had a good job.

Never spoke to him again after the one G&T.” –Beth, 27, London “I went on a date with a guy from Tinder who invited me to a cute wine bar.

When I showed up, he decided he didn’t want to drink, so we took a walk and then ‘ended up’ right by his place.

Side note, he had greeted me with a ‘you look like your photos! or replying to future texts.” –Casey, 28, San Francisco “My first Tinder meet-up also happened to be my first date after a shattering breakup, and I felt all kinds of badass for finally getting back out there.

I was already into this guy—his pictures were cute and the texting was good.

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