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I can't speak for the original, but my 2017 version is nice and subtle, while still to my nose, falling into the same category as the previous two mentioned. With this one easily goes nose fatigue, you can't smell it, you think it is skin scent, but people around you... Both have same projection and silage but vintage is less synthetic and has more tobacco, and also has more harsh opening. Yesterday my husband gave me some money specifically for purchasing perfumes at TJ Maxx.

I encourage everyone to at least sample this one (gents and ladies alike) because it's absolutely wonderful. It's quite intense (almost as an EDP), quite aromatic, with some very good quality and manly scents. It does not really address young people (men or women).

A lot of people are in love with this fragrance, and I'm sure it will wear well for some guys. Out of all of my recent fragrance purchases ( which is a lot ) this one has for some reason surprised me most , I thought i'd give it a try thinking it would be nice and safe but nothing amazing as it's one of the cheaper Versace fragrances but how wrong was I !!!!!

, this stuff is just amazing , an explosion of wow !!! , when sprayed inside it's great and when outside it just surrounds you in a bubble , great projection and lasts too , 9/10 I have such an aversion to most fragrances.

I was determined to find something other than Oscar (Oscar De La Renta) which I've been wearing for the last 30 years. I didn't realize it was "really" for men and purchased it after smelling a tester bottle. While it's light, it has a very clean smell which I find so appealing.

I only wear this at night in fall and winter but it's one of my most complimented cologne's.

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