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They possess longer and cleaner limbs, and fine ascetic features with penetrating and slightly slanted, almond-shaped eyes.Their ears are also slightly pointed, but otherwise they could pass as human at first glance.The Eldar are a naturally psychic race, and all Eldar possess the potential to become powerful psykers if they choose to pursue this path.The Eldar can use these innate abilities to shape matter, which lies at the foundation of their extraordinary command of technology.The most obvious difference between humans and Eldar can only be seen when they move, for the movements of an Eldar radiate a subtle grace which is impossible for a human to emulate.This can be seen in even their slightest gestures or the dexterity with which they manipulate small objects.

They must learn to control the darker side of their natures, which is no less an essential portion of the Eldar psyche -- and the source of the catastrophe that nearly caused their extinction.

The birth of their nemesis, the Dark God Slaanesh, shattered that cycle forever.

Now these once-great starfarers cower in the shadows, too afraid of their own lusts to embrace the full spectrum of sensation. In truth, there can be no escape from the doom they have brought upon themselves – not this side of the grave.

Now they cling to survival by a thread, fighting the horrors of the galaxy with ritualised discipline and consummate skill.

The Eldar race has a long and complex spacefaring history, so long in fact that little is known for certain about the course of their physical evolution and early planet-bound existence.

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The Eldar mind, while similar in general to the human psyche, is far more inclined towards extremes.

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