Wordpress not updating archive title

The Word Press plugin team has shut it down, but added one last version so you can safely update to get rid of the malicious code.2.7 is exactly the same as the last version we released before selling the plugin (v2.05).

One of the ways it does this is by adding custom classes to various elements of your blog.If you’re looking for support, you can contact them at Word Avoid creating multiple sidebars and duplicating widgets by adding check boxes to each widget in the admin (as long as it is written in Word Press version 2.8 format) which will either show or hide the widgets on every site page.Great for use with Thesis theme, or just to avoid extra coding.Word Press comes with a handful of default widgets, however, and unless you remove them it is wise to add styling to their classes..widget #searchform .widget_search .screen-reader-text .widget_meta .widget_meta ul .widget_meta ul li .widget_meta ul li a .widget_links .widget_links ul .widget_links ul li .widget_links ul li a .widget_archive .widget_archive ul .widget_archive ul li .widget_archive ul li a .widget_archive select .widget_archive option .widget_pages .widget_pages ul .widget_pages ul li .widget_pages ul li a .widget_links .widget_links li:after .widget_links li:before .widget_tag_cloud .widget_tag_cloud a .widget_tag_cloud a:after .widget_tag_cloud a:before .widget_calendar #calendar_wrap #calendar_wrap th #calendar_wrap td #wp-calendar tr td #wp-calendar caption #wp-calendar a #wp-calendar #today #wp-calendar #prev #wp-calendar #next #wp-calendar #next a #wp-calendar #prev a .widget_categories .widget_categories ul .widget_categories ul li .widget_categories ul ul.children .widget_categories a .widget_categories select .widget_categories select#cat .widget_categories select.postform .widget_categories option .widget_categories .level-0 .widget_categories .level-1 .widget_categories .level-2 .widget_categories .level-3 .recentcomments #recentcomments #recentcomments li #recentcomments li a .widget_recent_comments .widget_recent_entries .widget_recent_entries ul .widget_recent_entries ul li .widget_recent_entries ul li a .textwidget .widget_text .textwidget p When styling widgets you will probably end up using the same styles over and over again.

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